On demand data analytics

STAT4DECISION offers a revolutionary service for data analytics.
Try our on demand service to treat and analyse your data. Our goal is to offer you operational results.
Our expertise is the solution to become a data driven company.

What is it?

On demand data analysis is the ideal solution to answer your questions, process your data, interpret the results while controlling your budget and deadlines. A clear and transparent approach:

  • Just tell us what you expect so that we can give you an estimated quote. A personalized support by email is guaranteed.

  • Use our secured website to give access to your data.

  • We apply advanced data analytics methods and give you a detailed explanation of the processes with guidelines to reproduce the results.

  • We give you detailed results and interpretation with operational applications.

How does it work?

Our data scientists are here to give you quick and relevant answers.

  • Exchange

    Our strategy is based on a strong exchange with our customers. Each step of the treatment must be done in a dialogue between the user and the data analyst.

  • Trust

    By involving you in the process, our goal is to enable you to be able to interpret the results of the applied methods.

  • Implementation

    Detailed reports, intuitive visualizations, understandable interpretations are the foundations of the success of your projects.

We support our analysis with standard software (R, SAS, SPSS, XLSTAT ...) but we can also adapt to your specific needs. The on demand data analytics service offers a real added-value for your business. It provides scientific rigor to your analysis while offering a very attractive pricing.

You can contact us for more details.

The time-credits

The on demand data analytics service is based on time-credits that allow you to enjoy the STAT4DECISION services easily and cost effectively.

When setting up your project, we provide you with a quote to purchase time-credits. If your project evolves during the analysis, you can get new time-credits. If the time required is shorter than expected, you keep your time-credits, so you can use them for further analysis.
The time credits are valid for 12 months.

Contact us for more details.